I've been making this site with my own Handcrafted (TM) static site generator. My SSG was born out of laziness: every other SSG on the market seemed to be geared towards fancier sites (and therefore required you to think about configuration and templates and stuff) or just didn't work/was super buggy for me. I didn't want to squish my site into someone else's templating system. Enter the project that I've beeen calling dsssg, the Dead Simple Static Site Generator, which is like 150 lines of Rust.

The initial version of this static site generator was really gross -- it didn't delete files in the HTML output directory that had been removed from the Markdown input directory, and it also didn't check whether files needed to be rebuilt or not. So it was ultra slow and simultaneously buggy/bad. Very good combination. Lately I rewrote it slightly so that it Doesn't Do That Anymore, and now I'm slightly proud of it. It's certainly... minimalistic, but it basically works.

In a couple weeks I'll refine it some more, make a blog post, post it on GitHub, etc. I just think it's funny how long I've been limping along with terribly written code that took me literally 10 minutes to fix. And I need an excuse to regenerate the site with the new version, hence this post!